VF150 Product Photo


VORTEX R0.6 150mmX6M



R0.6 can still be used within the insulated building envelope - within the floor trusses or posy-struts between floors in a multi-storey dwelling, or within internal service risers.

Vortex Duct Complies with Australian Standard AS 4254.1


  • Metalised inner core wrapped in polyester insulation covered in a metalised outer fire jacket.
  • Operating Temperature -20°C to +80°C
  • Operating Pressure -190pa + 1200pa
  • Black inner core
  • Domestic and Commercial Systems - Heating or Cooling
  • Complies with AS4254.1

Ductwork insulation is defined by the “insulation blanket R-value”

For commercial there are a number of varying R-value
requirements – please refer ADMA website or find a copy
of the NCC @ www.adma.net.au

Item Desc. Radius Length
VF150 VORTEX R0.6 150mmX6M 150mm 6M
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