Zone Touch

The Redzone Easy Zone Touch is a nifty device that allows its users to control their zoned air conditioning system. It has been designed to control up to 6 zones of space, and is used in complicated HVAC zoning jobs. The zoning technology in heating and cooling systems has risen in popularity in recent years, due to the convenience and precision it provides to users.


As a result, more and more HVAC contractors find themselves working on zoned air conditioning projects, and more often than not, they find themselves in need of a wholesale distributor to get them the supplies they need.


The good news is that AAD carries a wide range of components and parts needed in these kinds of projects, such as heating controls and electronically controlled dampers. We can provide you with everything you need to complete your project on time and within your client’s budget, from central heating controls to a multi zone thermostat.


Why Choose AAD for Your Airzone Air Conditioning Supplies


As the leading supplier of wholesale residential and commercial heating and cooling supplies, AAD provides you with premium materials and accessories that are durable and long-lasting to guarantee a successful HVAC project that you can be proud of.


Our commitment to excellence means all of the components undergo through rigorous testing and inspection first before we sell them to our customers. You can be assured that the ac control panel, izone controller, or ac zone control board you buy from us is of premium quality.  


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