Wall Registers

Most heating and cooling systems make use of ducts to circulate warm or cool air through wall registers. These registers are the outward facing end of an HVAC duct, and serves both functional and decorative purposes. Not only do they direct the airflow, they also hide the less visually appealing ductwork from plain sight. Unlike grilles, most wall vent registers also come with a damper that opens and closes the vent to control the airflow.

Many HVAC projects make use of a wall register vent, which is why you need to have plenty of stock on hand for your heating and cooling jobs. AAD carries a wide variety of brass wall register and wall vent covers that are produced by the best manufacturers in the industry.

Why Choose Us for Your Wall Air Vent Needs

An efficient heating and cooling system relies heavily on the efficiency of the installed wall registers. This is why you need to partner with a wholesale supplier who can provide you with wall registers that are of great quality.

Our track record speaks for itself. We have been serving the HVAC industry in Melbourne & Sydney for many years now by providing quality HVAC merchandise and outstanding customer service.   

We have partnered with the top HVAC manufacturers to ensure you get products that are of the highest quality. Aside from selling quality wall vent products, we also provide a stress-free shopping experience for HVAC companies and contractors so that they can focus on growing their business.

Your First Choice for Wholesale HVAC Supply

AAD carries an extensive selection of wall heat registers and wall register covers, so your choices are not limited and you will be able to choose one that best suits your project requirements.  

To know the many wall air registers we currently offer, please download a copy of our catalogue today. Sign up now and receive access to a personalised custom pricing, which is exclusively available to members only.

Also note that some product ranges are available in selected states, so please inquire at your local AAD branch first.