Sealants are an important part of a contractor’s toolkit. As the owner of an HVAC business, you’ll never run out of uses for them. From sealing an air leakage to preventing water from destroying an HVAC system, you’ll find plenty of uses for the humble silicone sealant.

The flexible nature of the clear silicone sealant allows you to use it in a variety of applications, ranging from residential repairs, commercial work, to construction projects.

Because of its many uses, you need to have a steady supply of waterproof sealant for your heating and cooling jobs. AAD can help you in this regard as one of Melbourne & Sydney’s leading sealant suppliers.      

Why Choose AAD for Your Mastic Sealant Supplies

AAD has been the supplier of choice for most HVAC companies and contractors in Melbourne & Sydney. As a one-stop shop, we have an extensive selection of HVAC products you won’t find anywhere else, ranging from air grilles to fittings to plastic sealant products.

We have collaborated with the top brands to bring you their best products at great prices. We make sure that everything we sell are of high quality and have undergone strict quality assurance processes.    

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In order to have a successful installation or repair job, you need to use the best materials. AAD helps you grow your HVAC business by providing you with quality supplies such as acoustic sealant and clear waterproof sealant products. We go above and beyond when it comes to customer service, and our staff are willing to lend their expertise and give professional advice when it comes to your orders.

To know more about the sealant products we sell, please download a copy of our components catalogue today. As a wholesale supplier, we cater to direct to trade customers and HVAC contractors in Melbourne & Sydney.  

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