Samsung RJ Series

Samsung’s RJ multi-head series boasts of a powerful line of air conditioning systems that make use of only one outdoor unit to cool down multiple rooms, forgoing the need for duct installation. AAD is your practical and affordable choice when it comes to choosing the best Samsung multi-head wholesale supplier to work with. We offer the best Samsung trade price in Melbourne, Sydney, and Adelaide.

You can be assured that any Samsung RJ wholesale prices being offered by our competitors will be matched by our sales representative.* We also offer technical support and we deliver the orders promptly on your site to save you time and money.


Model C:kW H:kW MAX C: MAX IND
RJ050 5 5.7 8.5 2
RJ060 5.9 6.3 9 3
RJ070 7 8.6 10.5 4
RJ080 8 9.3 12 4
RJ100 10 12 17.4 5