PVC Glue

Many HVAC installation jobs require using the best kind of materials, especially when it comes to joining pipes together. It takes the right plastic glue and the right skill to put together a properly installed pipe that is airtight or watertight.

Looking for a supplier of the best glue for plastic? AAD can help you get the job done by supplying you with all the materials you need for your heating and cooling jobs, including PVC pipe glue. We are one of Melbourne & Sydney’s leading wholesale suppliers of HVAC parts and components.  

Why Choose AAD for Your Supplies

In need of PVC glue for your jobs? AAD has you covered. We are committed to helping you grow your HVAC business by providing you with quality supplies such as plumbers glue and wholesale PVC glue. As a one-stop shop, we sell to direct to trade customers and HVAC contractors in Melbourne & Sydney. You will find an extensive selection of products such as weld on PVC glue that you will no longer need to go anywhere else. You get your jobs done faster, and more efficiently.

AAD has many years of experience in the heating and cooling industry. As an expert in the business, we enable contractors to spend less time sourcing for parts and more time focusing on the task at hand. We place our customers’ needs above everything else, and we meet those needs through quality products, great prices, and on-time deliveries.

Best HVAC Wholesale Supplier in Melbourne & Sydney

Rest assured that AAD carries the best glue for PVC pipe. We pride ourselves for having quality pipe glue products, competitive prices, and outstanding customer service. To know more about the plastic pipe glue we sell as well as the other HVAC products we carry, please feel free to download a copy of our catalogue.

You can also sign up and become a part of our membership program to get exclusive access to special deals. Before making your purchase, please contact your local AAD branch first since some product ranges are only available in selected states.