Premium Diffusers

An air diffuser is an HVAC equipment typically mounted in the ceiling of a building, and is used to evenly distribute air in a room. In order to achieve a consistent temperature throughout a building, most contractors install air ducts in the ceiling. Installing a ceiling supply diffuser as well would help diffuse the air even further in all directions of the room.

Louver HVAC products are widely used in most heating and cooling projects because they help provide comfortable indoor spaces. They also come in a variety of materials, shapes, and sizes so that HVAC contractors have a choice as to what kind of louver diffuser they will use in the project they are working on.    

Why Choose Us for Your Air Supply Diffuser Needs

AAD’s premium diffusers and accessories come in a variety of styles and sizes that will surely meet your client’s specification and budget requirement. We make sure that all of the HVAC ceiling diffuser products we carry are designed for easy installation, so that you can install the air diffuser and finish the project as early as possible. They are made of durable material and will surely last your customers a long time.

As an HVAC contractor, you want to partner with a dependable wholesale supplier who can provide you with all the ventilation louvres you will need for all your projects. Rest assured that AAD can provide you with everything you need, from floor registers to ceiling air duct louvers.

Our track record in the industry is spotless, and we have proven time and again with our product selection and customer service why we are one of Melbourne & Sydney’s leading suppliers of HVAC parts and components.   

Adjustable Air Diffuser Supplier in Melbourne & Sydney

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Note that since some of the products we offer are only available in selected states, please contact your local AAD branch to find out about availability.