Plastic Joiner

The key to a successful HVAC business is having the best materials to work with. In order to achieve this, you need to partner with the right wholesale supplier. And in order to choose the best supplier, you need to ensure that they have a wide selection of products so that you can conveniently source all of your supplies in one place—from registers to fittings to pipe joiners.

If you are a Melbourne & Sydney HVAC business owner on the lookout for a wholesale supplier, you can depend on AAD to give you quality products and outstanding customer service. Having been in the HVAC business for many years, we have established an impeccable reputation as one of Melbourne & Sydney’s leading wholesale supplier of HVAC parts.   

Why Choose AAD as Your HVAC Supplier

By choosing AAD as your wholesale pipe joiner supplier, you will have peace of mind knowing you will get quality supplies on time and within budget. As a one-stop shop, we also offer a convenient and effortless shopping experience to our customers. Our extensive selection ensures you don’t have to go from one store to another looking for a hard-to-find accessory. Everything you need is under one roof.

We have also partnered with the top manufacturing brands to provide the best plastic joiner products. You get top-of-the-line supplies—such as pipe joiners—at competitive prices. You also get professional advice and technical support from our team. We can give you recommendations on the best supplies to get for your jobs.

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Melbourne & Sydney contractors have come to depend on us for their supplies, and with good reason. We go the extra mile by providing you with great products at great prices!

To know more about plastic joiners as well as the other HVAC parts and components we sell, please download our catalogue today and sign up for our membership program to get exclusive deals.

Please note that some product ranges are only available in selected markets, so contact your local AAD branch first to inquire about availability.