Plastic Cable Capping

Heating and cooling contractors need to include cable capping in their toolkit because it serves a lot of functions. Plastic cable capping is used in most electrical applications to create cable routing channels and to protect the cables themselves. If you are doing a lot of installation and repair work on cooling systems, it is advisable to keep plenty of plastic capping for cables on hand.

AAD can supply you with a wide range of plastic capping for cables. We have an impeccable record of supplying premium parts and providing quality service to the Melbourne & Sydney heating and cooling industry.  

Plastic Cable Cover Wholesale Supplier in Melbourne & Sydney

AAD caters to direct to trade customers, specifically HVAC contractors and companies both big and small. We help customers grow their HVAC business and we consider ourselves as partners in our customers’ development. This is something we achieve by providing quality supplies on time and at competitive prices.  

By choosing us as your plastic cable capping supplier, you are assured of a superior level of customer service and personal attention. In order to have the best possible shopping experience, we make sure to keep an extensive selection of HVAC parts and components at all times so you can shop for everything you need in one roof.

Our team is composed of professionals who have many years of experience in the heating and cooling industry. We provide you with expert advice on the best plastic cable capping to get your jobs done quickly and efficiently. We can readily adapt to our customer’s individual needs and requirements.

Electrical Conduit Plastic Supplier

To know more about the plastic cable conduit products we offer, please download our catalogue today. You can also sign up and become part of our membership program to get exclusive deals. Some product ranges are only available in selected markets, so it is best to contact your local AAD branch first to inquire if a product is available.