Mitsubishi Electric MXZ Series

This multi-head line of Mitsubishi allows the owner to connect multiple indoor units to a single outdoor unit. This system will give your client more control, flexibility, and freedom to choose the best unit for each of their several rooms without having to clutter the exterior of a building.

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Model C:kW H:kW MAX C: MAX IND
MXZ-2D52VA 5.2 6.4 7 2
MXZ-3E54VA 5.4 6.8 9.5 3
MXZ-4E71VA 7.1 8.6 12 4
MXZ-4E80VA 8 9.4 14 4
MXZ-5E100VA 10 12 17 5
MXZ-6E120VA 12 14 18 6