Micro Leak Detector

Micro Leak Detector


As an HVAC contractor, one of the most common job requests you will get will require you to detect leaks. Having a leak detector spray handy is useful in this case. AAD can provide you with all the Big Blue Leak Detection Spray you need to get the job done. We are one of Melbourne & Sydney’s leading wholesale HVAC suppliers.


The micro leak detector is a bubble foam solution that has the capacity to detect gas leakage. The Big Blu Micro Leak Detector is a non-toxic, noncorrosive, and biodegradable firm-forming liquid that can accurately detect micro gas leakage down to 0.65 ounces per year.   


Why Choose AAD as Your Wholesale Supplier of Big Blue Leak Detector


AAD has been in the heating and cooling business for many years now. We have a proven track record of providing quality supplies at competitive prices. We have partnered with the top brands to bring you the best of what the HVAC marketplace has to offer.


As a one-stop shop, we offer clients an extensive product selection, allowing them to shop for everything their need in one place. We offer a stress-free and effortless shopping environment where you get to spend less time looking for supplies and more time to work on your jobs.


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AAD is the supplier of choice for many HVAC companies and contractors in Melbourne & Sydney. We offer an extensive selection of products, such as the gas leak detector spray. We also provide competitive prices and exceptional customer service.  


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