Metal Flashing

Metal flashing is an important part of any HVAC project because it serves to protect the exterior part of any HVAC system. Many contractors also consider it as the primary line of defense to any roofing system. Metal flashing is typically installed within the corners and joints of a roofing system, as well as around chimneys, furnace vents, skylights, and many more.

As a contractor, you want to ensure that the HVAC system you are working on is secure and fully protected. The installation of a metal flashing is therefore an absolute essential. If you are working on a lot of HVAC projects, you need to ensure that you have plenty of metal flashing in stock, and that you never run out. Rest assured that we can supply you with all the metal flashing you need.            

Why Choose Us for Your Metal Flashing Needs

Are you an HVAC contractor having trouble finding the supplies you need for your HVAC jobs? Rest assured that we can help you fulfill the requirements of your clients. We are your one-stop shop when it comes to quality HVAC supplies. You’ve got everything you need right here. Many heating and cooling contractors in Melbourne & Sydney choose us when sourcing for supplies because of our competitive prices and outstanding customer service.

AAD can help you complete your HVAC project by providing you with all the metal flashing you need on your projects. All of the custom metal flashing we sell has gone through rigorous quality assurance tests to ensure you get a high-quality part, so you can get the job done quickly and efficiently.   

Learn More about Metal Roof Flashings

To know more about the flashing metal products that we sell, please feel free to download our catalogue. Sign up and become a member today to receive special pricing. Since some product ranges are only available in selected markets, please call your local AAD branch first to find out about product availability.