Knee Pads

As an HVAC contractor, you need to take care of your most important asset—yourself. Since most of the time your job requires you to do a lot of squatting and kneeling, your job as an HVAC contractor has a high risk for knee injury.

In order to reduce the strain from your knee’s bones and joints, you need to be consistently using knee guard pads as a way to protect yourself. AAD helps you protect yourself while on the job by providing you a wide range of safety products such as cheap knee pads and safety goggles.

Where to Buy Protective Knee Pads

AAD is your one-stop shop when it comes to providing you with quality supplies at great prices. We have partnered with the top brands to bring you only the best products and we have a proven track record as a wholesale supplier in the heating and cooling industry in Melbourne & Sydney.

We have an extensive selection of products ranging from air diffusers, grilles, hand tools, leather knee pads, knee protector, and many more. We have everything you need in one place, which means you will have less time looking for supplies and more time to work on your jobs.

Safety Knee Pads Supplier

We are the supplier of choice for most contractors in Melbourne & Sydney, and for good reason. We offer quality products, competitive prices, and exceptional customer service. Our staff is composed of some of the best in the HVAC industry. We offer you advice and technical support on the best supplies to get for your jobs.

If you are looking for the best knee pads for contractors, you can depend on AAD to provide them to you and your team. To know more about the comfortable knee pads we sell, download our catalogue from the website today. Sign up for our membership program and get exclusive deals and specials. Some of the products featured here are only available in selected states, so please contact your local AAD branch first to find out about product availability.