Junction Box

A junction box is an electrical box that houses electrical connections. The box allows the wiring inside a building to interact with the main power supply provided by the local utility, and acts to conceal the wiring from plain sight. It also serves as a safety barrier from all the dirt and dust.

Whatever the wiring requirement is for the cooling jobs you are currently working on, it is important to find the right supplier to provide you with all the junction boxes you need.

Why Partner with AAD for Your Electrical Junction Box Needs

Here at AAD, we make sure to carry the HVAC parts and components that are relevant to your market, ranging from air registers to different types of waterproof junction box. As Melbourne & Sydney’s leading junction box supplier, we make sure to carry everything you need to get the job done. We also sell them at competitive prices, so you can pass on the savings to your own customers.

By partnering with the top HVAC brands, we supply you with only the best heating and cooling products from the top manufacturers. All of the conduit junction box we carry have passed strict manufacturing standards and will last for a very long time.

Where to Get Plastic Electrical Boxes in Melbourne & Sydney

The junction box electrical is a critically important part of a building’s electrical system. In order to ensure the success of your heating and cooling job, you need to use only first-rate equipment, including the plastic junction box. Trust AAD to provide you with all of the PVC junction box you need.

To know more about the power junction box we carry, download your copy of our catalogue from the website. Please sign up for our membership program to get access to your own personalised custom pricing. Some product ranges are only available in selected states, so please contact your local AAD branch first to inquire about availability.