Honeywell Thermostat

Today’s discerning clients prefer to have a Honeywell thermostat to accompany their heating and cooling systems. The Honeywell brand is a known maker of high-quality thermostats, which is why we carry their thermostats and accessories such as the small thermostat guard.

As an HVAC contractor who wants only the best for your customers, you want to encourage them to use a programmable thermostat to make the most out of their air conditioning systems, as well as a lockable thermostat guard to protect the said device from dust and to prevent tampering. A zone thermostat will allow users to automate and schedule their air conditioning systems, resulting to less energy consumption and more savings for your customers.  

Here at AAD, we provide our customers with Honeywell thermostats, both in Digital Programmable and Digital Non Programmable types. We also sell accessories for the Honeywell thermostats, such as the universal remote control, universal thermostat guard, and thermostat covers.

Why Choose AAD for Your Thermostat Needs

We are your one-stop shop for all the supplies you will need to finish your jobs on time, so you can grow your HVAC business. Our commitment is to build long-lasting relationships with HVAC companies and contractors in Melbourne & Sydney by providing them with excellent products and outstanding customer service.

You can find a comprehensive selection of thermostats and accessories such as a thermostat guard box as well as thermostat guards with lock in our inventory.  

Where to Get Thermostat Supplies in Melbourne & Sydney

When it comes to premium HVAC parts and components such as the Honeywell thermostat guard, AAD is your trusted partner. We are Australia’s leading distributor of HVAC materials that are of great quality.

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