Fujitsu AOTG Series

There are many models to choose from in Fujitsu’s AOTG multi-head series. This line of air conditioning systems allows users to set different temperatures at multiple rooms. As a reliable and dependable Fujitsu multi-head wholesale supplier, AAD provides the best Fujitsu trade price in Melbourne, Sydney, and Adelaide.

We will match or beat our competitors’ Fujitsu AOTG wholesale prices to provide the best value for your money.* Aside from individual units, we also carry components and kits for easier and faster installation. Our friendly and accommodating staff provides technical support and will also deliver the order on-site to save you time and money.


Model C:kW H:kW MAX C: MAX IND
AOTG24LAT3 6.8 8 8.5 3
AOTG30LBTA4 8 9.6 10.1 4
AOTG36LBLA5 10 11.8 12 5
AOTG45LBLA6 12 14 14.5 6