Flue Clips

In order to have a successful heating and cooling business, you need to partner with the right kind of wholesale supplier. Rest assured that your business is in good hands with AAD. We are one of Melbourne & Sydney’s leading wholesale suppliers of flue support bracket products.

We can provide you with all the flue clips you need. From new installations to furnace or chimney repair, we provide you with everything you need to get your jobs done quickly and efficiently.

Why Choose AAD as Your Flue Clamp Supplier

As a one-stop shop, AAD offers a wide range of products such as boiler flue clips. This allows you to spend less time sourcing for supplies and more time to focus on jobs. Our inventory is always fully stocked with boiler flue kit products to ensure you never run out of supplies. AAD has partnered with the top manufacturing brands to bring you only the best products.

The flue clips and flue pipe bracket products we carry are made from the best materials and will last a long time. Our team of professional experts is ready to assist you with your order. We can provide you with recommendations and tips on the best supplies to get for your jobs.

Where to Get Flue Pipe Clamps

AAD is committed to helping you grow your HVAC business. We cater to direct to trade customers such as HVAC companies and contractors. Regardless of how small or big the project is, you can be assured of quality products, competitive prices, and exceptional customer service. To know more about the flue support products we carry, please download a copy of our catalogue today.

We encourage you to sign up and be a part of our membership program to get access to exclusive deals. Some of the product ranges are only available in selected markets, so it is best to contact your local AAD branch first to find out more.