Flat Elbow

A flat elbow is the perfect accessory when mounting small amounts of wiring or cables on a flat surface. This is frequently used by HVAC companies and contractors because it can easily protect cords and hide them in plain sight. The corner elbow is typically used in corners where wires and cords need to change direction at a 90° angle.

If you are looking for a wholesale supplier of rectangular elbow and other plastic wiremold products, you can rely on AAD to have everything you need to get your heating and cooling jobs done.  

Rectangular Duct Elbow Supplier

The flat elbow is a truly useful accessory when working on an air conditioner job. Its 90° angle, flat design makes it the ideal accessory for placement in corners and other areas that require a cable direction change.

AAD offers plenty of flat elbow accessories. Their plastic construction ensures durability, while its white colour will ensure a seamless look that will match with any décor. By choosing AAD as your wholesale supplier, you get to work with experienced professionals who know what they are doing and can give you technical advice on the best materials to use for your heating and air conditioning jobs.

As a one-stop shop, we offer convenience, practicality, and effortless shopping. We have an extensive selection of parts and components, so you will find everything you need under one roof. We have built strong relationships with the top manufacturing brands so we can bring you products that are of great quality, at a competitive price point.

Where to Get Your Flat Elbow Supplies in Melbourne & Sydney

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