Flaring Tool

A flaring tool is a hand tool used by HVAC professionals to enlarge or widen the end of a pipe fitting. This handy tool enlarges the opening of a pipe, allowing tubes to connect to each other.

The 45° flaring tool kit we carry is designed to enlarge tubes in tight places and is made of durable material that will last you a long time. It also comes with butterfly nuts at either end of the steel bar for an easier grip.

If most of your jobs require you to retrofit pipes or tubes, it would be wise to invest in a really good AC flaring tool. AAD can provide this for you. We are one of the leading wholesale suppliers of pipe flaring tool kit products in Melbourne & Sydney.    

Why Choose AAD as Your AC Flaring Tool Kit Supplier

Most HVAC contractors in Melbourne & Sydney have come to depend on us whenever they need a double flaring tool kit as well as other heating and cooling supplies. We have many years of experience in the HVAC industry. We also have a proven track record of providing quality supplies to small, independent contractors and large HVAC companies.   

As a one-stop shop, you can depend on us to have everything you need to get the job done on time and within budget. We have an extensive selection of products, which means you spend less time looking for supplies and more time to work on your residential or commercial HVAC projects.

Where to Get the Best Flaring Tool Kit

To know more about the conduit flaring tool and industrial flaring tool we sell, please check out our components catalogue. You can also sign up for our membership program to get exclusive access to deals and special promotions.

Some of the products featured in the catalogue are only available in selected markets, so it would be best to contact your local AAD branch first to inquire about the availability of a certain product.