Electrical Tape

The electrical tape is an important part of a contractor’s toolkit. Using this type of tape ensures good insulation and keeps moisture or condensation out of the equation. The PVC electrical tape also serves a lot of uses, from fixing electrical wiring damage to preventing pipes from freezing during winter.  

If you are looking for an electrical tape supplier, AAD is a good place to start. We are known for providing quality heating and air conditioning supplies to HVAC businesses based in Melbourne & Sydney and other surrounding areas.

We mostly cater to direct to trade customers and HVAC companies. We are known for providing quality electrical insulation tape supplies at competitive prices.   

Why Choose Us as Your Electrical Duct Tape Supplier

The wide electrical tape is frequently used by contractors because it is very strong and hard to break. Compared to other tape for electrical wires, it has a long shelf life before it loses its elasticity.

As an HVAC supplier, we believe it is important that we understand the products that we sell. This is why our staff are some of the most highly-trained people in the business. We can provide you with tips and recommendations when it comes to choosing the best supplies. We also offer a wide range of HVAC parts and components so you can do all of your shopping in one roof.

Best Electrical Tape Supplier in Melbourne & Sydney

AAD strives to give Melbourne & Sydney contractors the most innovative HVAC products. It is our commitment to create meaningful professional relationships with all our clients by helping them grow their business.

To know more about the wholesale electrical tape we carry, please download a copy of our components catalogue today. You can also be a part of our membership program and get exclusive access to special deals. Some product ranges are only available in selected areas, so it is always best to contact your local AAD branch first to inquire about availability.