E Zone

The e zone air conditioning system has been a popular option among households and businesses in Australia, which is why many HVAC contractors find themselves working on an e zone air conditioner project. The advantage of an air zone controller is that it allows users to create different zones within a building, which comes in handy if the said building’s occupants have different heating or cooling requirements. Another advantage of an air zone controller manual is that it allows the user to control the HVAC system using a 7-inch touchscreen.  

Because of its added functionality, an e zone system is a more complicated system than a traditional air conditioner, and installing it will usually require more parts from your end. During an e zone air conditioning project, you will need to partner with a reliable HVAC distributor such as AAD to ensure that you have all the components on hand before taking on the said project.     

Where to Get E Zone Air Conditioning Supplies in Melbourne & Sydney

Rest assured that AAD has a wide selection of e zone controller parts and accessories, so that you can create an energy-efficient zoning system for your client. By sourcing the parts and accessories from us, you will be able to create a highly efficient  e zone air conditioner for your customer. We carry top-of-the-line manufacturing brands so that you can use only the best zoning materials for your clients, and that they end up happy with the result of your HVAC job.      

To get started, simply download our online catalogue to see the various ez controller systems we have on offer right now. Or you may call us at 1300 223 223 to learn more about the advantage of air controller for air conditioning systems. Sign up today and enjoy personalised custom pricing, which is exclusive only to members!

Take note that some product ranges are only available in selected markets, so please contact your local AAD branch first to inquire about availability.