Duct Ties

Are you an HVAC business owner looking for quality duct ties? Your search is over once you have partnered with AAD. We are a leading wholesale distributor of duct zip ties, duct cable ties, and other HVAC supplies in Melbourne & Sydney.

Our large selection of flex duct ties are versatile and durable, and can be used to secure a wide variety of HVAC ducts. These cable ties are considered a necessity in a lot of heating and cooling jobs, which is why you need to procure them from a trusted supplier such as AAD.       

Why Choose AAD for Your Duct Strap Needs

Here at AAD, we believe that our customers are the most valuable aspect of our company, which is why we provide you with quality heating and cooling merchandise at competitive prices.

Our goal is to provide your heating and cooling business with everything you need in order to be successful. No HVAC company is too large or small for us. We make every part and accessory accessible to you, so you don’t have to waste your time looking for an HVAC supplier.  

Duct Ties for Sale in Melbourne & Sydney

Are you looking to buy wire ties and zip ties in bulk? Look no further than AAD. Having been in the heating and cooling industry for many years now, we have a track record of providing competitive prices and excellent customer service.

Our wide selection of premium cable ties, duct strap products, and other HVAC parts have made us the wholesale distributor of choice for many HVAC companies and contractors in Melbourne & Sydney.  

To know more about the flex duct zip ties and tie wraps we have on offer, feel free to download your copy of our components catalogue today. Sign up and become a member to get access to special pricing! Please note that some of the products listed here may be available in selected states. Make sure to contact your local AAD branch first to inquire about availability.