Digital Sharging Scale

The AC charging scale is a must-have accessory for any HVAC professional. This tool accurately gauges how much refrigerant is placed within an HVAC system. This handy HVAC scale tool is used to charge small refrigeration systems. The digital electronic charging scale also works with the refrigerant of an HVAC system and indicates the progress of a charge real-time.

If you are looking for a wholesale supplier to provide you with an HVAC digital scale, you can stop the search with AAD. We are one of the leading wholesale suppliers of HVAC products in Melbourne & Sydney.    

Why Choose AAD as Your Wholesale Charging Scale Supplier

The key to a successful HVAC business is by partnering with a trustworthy and dependable supplier. You can never go wrong with choosing AAD. We already have a proven track record of providing quality supplies for Melbourne & Sydney contractors and companies for many years now.  

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Using a Digital Charging Scale

We have partnered with the top HVAC manufacturing brands to bring you their best products including the electronic charging scale. The digital scale helps you properly estimate and bill clients for their refrigerant use.

Not only is a digital weight scale used during the installation of refrigerant units, but it is also used when troubleshooting to find a leak. If you are on the lookout for a high-quality wireless scale, you can depend on AAD to provide you with a great product at a great price.  

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