A cowl is a material installed at the top of a chimney’s flue system to prevent water from coming down the flue. Its protective hood-shaped cover also prevents winds from affecting the flue.  

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Why Choose AAD as Your Roof Cowl Wholesale Supplier

Chimney cowls are used when installing heating and cooling systems because they increase the draft and prevent the backflow of a chimney. As an HVAC contractor working on chimney installations and repair jobs, you need to be on the lookout for cheap chimney cowls. You can depend on AAD to provide you with quality HVAC products such as chimney cowl fitting at competitive prices.

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The key to a successful HVAC business is having a dependable wholesale HVAC supplier to work with. If you are looking for flue cowl products, you can depend on AAD for your supply needs. To know more about the gas cowl we carry, please get a copy of our catalogue from the website.

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