Condenser Feet

Mounting an air conditioning unit during an installation job requires a lot of skills, tools, and equipment. As an HVAC contractor, you need to be working with only the best materials to ensure success of your project.

AAD can help you achieve this by providing you with quality air conditioning mounting supplies such as brackets, mounts, and feet. All of our products are specially designed for the safe and secure mounting of an air cooling system.     

Why Choose AAD for Your Condenser Wall Mount Needs

We help HVAC contractors get their jobs done faster and easier. We sell condensing unit stands that provide sturdy support for condensers, piping, ductwork, cable, and more. They also offer protection from vibration that comes from the system.

We partner with the best manufacturing brands in the heating and cooling industry to bring you only the best wall mounted condenser products. We offer a wide range of condenser brackets and condenser feet that will meet the varying sizes of units in the air conditioning industry.

Aside from condenser feet supplies, we also offer other parts and components as well. As a one-stop shop for direct to trade customers, we offer convenience and a stress-free shopping experience. Our staff has many years of experience within the heating and cooling industry and can dish out expert advice and technical support.  

AC Condenser Stand Supplier in Melbourne & Sydney

AAD is committed to providing quick, versatile, flexible, and economical solutions for HVAC companies in Melbourne & Sydney. We provide you with the necessary fixings so that you can do a quick and simple installation job and make your clients happy with the results.  

To know more about the condenser roof stands and wall condenser mounts we offer, please download a copy of our catalogue today. We also encourage you to sign up and become a member to get exclusive deals from us. Note that some products are only available in selected states, so contact your local AAD branch first to find out more.