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Roof Cowls and Kits

A roof cowl kit is important when installing an HVAC system in a building.

At its essence, a roof cowl kit is a vent that sits on top of a roof. It is used mostly for either metal or tile roof installations.

As an important part of a building’s exhaust system, it protects the airflow system from rain, backdrafts, and other harsh weather elements, and ensures that the air conditioning system will last for a long time.

Why Choose AAD as Your Roof Cowl Kit Distributor

As an HVAC contractor, you need to have a steady and reliable partner if you need an extractor fan roof vent cowl as well as other supplies.

Rest assured that AAD will help you complete your air conditioning system jobs quickly and efficiently by providing you with quality HVAC parts and components, such as the roof cowl products we offer.

Our roof cowl for extractor products will serve as the perfect relief vent for the building projects you are working on. We offer a wide range of roof vent cowl products, which are available in sizes of roof cowl 150mm and 200mm.

Roof Cowl Vent Wholesale Distributor in Melbourne & Sydney

To know more about the ventilation roof cowls and industrial roof extractor fans we carry, please feel free to download our catalogue and become a member today!