Circuit Breaker

The circuit breaker is one of the most important safety mechanisms placed inside a building. Without this device, there will always be the risk of fires and other mayhem that could happen from faulty electrical wiring or equipment breakdown.

These electrical breakers prevent the overload of electricity or short circuit from happening by discontinuing the electrical flow in a building. Since all HVAC systems make use of an electrical power system to properly function, they need to have a power breaker in place for safety reasons.

Melbourne & Sydney Circuit Breaker Suppliers

The breaker electric products are safety devices that temporarily shuts down electricity when there is an overloaded circuit. As an HVAC company, you need to have a steady supply of MCB and circuit breakers because these will be surely in demand in a variety of residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

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AAD has a wide selection of HVAC parts, ranging from air grilles to breaker switch. We carry everything you need to get your air conditioning jobs done quickly and efficiently. Our staff are long-time professionals in the heating and cooling industry, and are more than happy to provide you with technical advice to help you narrow down your choices when shopping for supplies.

Where to Look for Wholesale Circuit Breakers

If you are looking for a main circuit breaker supplier that you can depend on, trust AAD to come up with the goods when you need them. To know more about the power circuit breaker we carry, please download our components catalogue today.

We also encourage you to become a member to get exclusive access to your own personalised custom pricing. And since some of the product ranges are only available in selected markets, it is best to contact your local AAD branch first to inquire about product availability.