Caulking Gun

As a professional heating and cooling professional, you know how important it is to build energy-efficient buildings for your clients. This process includes conducting an energy audit to look for possible causes of energy losses and implementing solutions to fix them.      

Caulking is one of the highly recommended solutions to making a building more energy efficient.

If your HVAC jobs involve a lot of caulking, then it makes complete sense to invest in the best caulking gun materials.  

Why Choose AAD as Your Wholesale Professional Caulking Gun Supplier

A caulking gun is an important part of any Melbourne & Sydney contractor’s toolkit. This hand tool holds a tube filled with sealant material to fix the gaps and cracks of a building where cooled air can escape.

If you are looking for a supplier of caulking tools, you can never go wrong with choosing AAD. We are a wholesale power caulking gun supplier known for delivering the highest quality materials and providing the best value to our clients. We have a proven track record of delivering quality HVAC parts and components at competitive prices.   

We have partnered with top brands to bring you only the best of their products, such as the cordless caulking gun from Tolsen. This professional pneumatic caulking gun has an aluminium tube and heavy-duty aluminium handles. Its lightweight construction and ergonomic design makes it a breeze to use, and it also comes with a cartridge attachment system.       

Buying Wholesale Double Caulking Gun

To know more about the heavy duty caulking gun and professional caulking tools that AAD carries, please check out our catalogue today! We also suggest that you sign up and become a member to get exclusive deals.

Also note that some of the products we carry are only available in selected states. We highly encourage you to contact your local AAD branch first before making a purchase to inquire about product availability.