Branch Take Off

If you are working on a heating and cooling unit that has a main duct system branching out into smaller ducts, you need to have an HVAC takeoff duct to allow the air to transfer efficiently from the main duct to the individual branches.

Using a high quality round duct takeoff from AAD will ensure that the HVAC system you are building will deliver the proper amount of airflow to a room.

AAD is one of Melbourne & Sydney’s leading wholesale supplier of rectangular duct takeoff. We only cater and sell to direct to trade customers, from large HVAC companies to small HVAC contractors.

Why Choose Us for Your Duct Takeoff Needs

There are many types, shapes, and sizes of take off duct work that are commonly used in many duct system applications. AAD gives you room for flexibility by providing you with plenty of options. Our wide selection of pipe takeoff sheet products allows you to choose the one that will best serve your project as well as your client’s job requirements.

Trust AAD to take care of your duct takeoff installation needs. We offer high-quality branch take off supplies in competitive prices and provide exceptional customer service.

As a one-stop HVAC shop, we offer a wide variety of HVAC parts and components. You get to focus on your jobs because everything you need to get them done is in one place. No need to hop from one store to another, looking for that hard-to-find accessory.     

Where to get Duct Branch Take Off Products

To know more about the duct take off fittings we carry, please download a copy of our catalogue from the website. You can also sign up and become a member today so that you can get access to your own personalised custom pricing.

Please note that some of the products featured in the catalogue are only available in selected states, so we recommend contacting your local AAD branch first to inquire about product availability.