Aluminum Tape

The aluminum tape is a staple to every contractor’s toolkit because of its durability and wide range of uses. This product can be used in many residential, commercial, and industrial applications. As an HVAC contractor, you need to have a dependable and trustworthy partner to provide you with quality supplies such as HVAC aluminum tape products.

As one of Melbourne & Sydney’s leading aluminium tape suppliers, AAD provides you with all the aluminium insulation tape you need for your projects. The branded tape products we sell can be used in a wide range of jobs such as installation, maintenance, and general repair purposes.         

Why Choose AAD as Your Aluminum Foil Tape Supplier

AAD has been the supplier of choice for most HVAC companies. Most contractors in Melbourne & Sydney have come to depend on us for supplies that will meet the most demanding applications.

We have been delivering quality aluminum duct tape products for many years now. We offer a full line of specialty tapes to meet the needs of your projects. You can be assured that our tapes will get the job done in even the most demanding and toughest situations.

From patching up leaky insulation to sealing HVAC joints, we help you get these jobs done faster and more efficiently by providing you with quality aluminum tape products. As a one-stop shop, we offer a wide variety of HVAC supplies for your every need.   

How to Order HVAC Aluminum Tape from AAD

From sealing PVC pipes to covering tripping hazards, our aluminized tape products can help you get the job done. To know more about the aluminum foil duct tape we sell as well as the other HVAC parts we carry, please download your copy of our components catalogue today!

You can also get access to exclusive deals once you become a part of our membership program. Please note that some products are only available in selected states, so contact your local AAD branch first to find out more.