Airflow Balancing Meter

The airflow balancing meter is a smartphone anemometer used to measures airflow velocity and airflow volume. This is a portable lightweight tool for air flow measurement that fits neatly into one’s pocket, and can be easily connected to smart devices.

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Why Choose AAD as Your Wholesale Supplier of Air Flow Meter

Sourcing for the digital airflow meter products and supplies you need can be challenging. In order to have an efficiently operating HVAC business, you need to partner with the best supplier there is. Having been in the heating and cooling business for so many years now, AAD has a proven track record of providing quality balancing air flow products and supplies to contractors and tradesmen in Melbourne & Sydney. We keep ourselves up to date with the latest trends within the HVAC industry, and have partnered with the top brands to bring you the best products in the marketplace.    

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The Best HVAC Air Flow Meter Supplier

To learn more about the industrial air flow meter we sell, please check out our components catalogue from the website. We also encourage you to sign up and become a member to get exclusive deals. Since some of our products are only available in selected markets, you may need to contact your local AAD branch first to inquire about product availability.