Air Diffuser

As the name implies, an AC diffuser is an HVAC device installed in the ceiling, and is used to provide uniform and balanced airflow within a room. The supply air diffuser greatly improves the efficiency of an HVAC system by dividing and distributing cooled air evenly within the environment being cooled. As a result, drafts and hotspots are eliminated, and occupants of the room become more comfortable.

Choosing the right size and type of an air duct diffuser can be tricky. It depends on a lot of factors, such as the layout of the building and the type of HVAC system being used for the project.

As an HVAC contractor working on multiple projects, you need to have a partner when it comes to sourcing for supplies. Rest assured that AAD carries a wide range of plastic air diffuser products. We only curate the best HVAC air diffuser products so that you will be able to get the job done quickly and efficiently.  

Why Choose Us for Your Air Diffuser

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Your One-Stop Shop for Your Ceiling Diffuser Needs

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Note that some of the product ranges in the catalogue are only available in selected states. Please contact your local AAD branch to inquire about product availability.