ELEPHANT Product Photo




Kit Includes:

  • Boot Seal
  • 1M Rubber Sleeve
  • Butyl Mastic Gasket Seal
  • 2x Tube Clamps
  • 4x Self Driving Screws
  • Cut Template
  • Installation Instructions

Choose the product thats right for you and your customer

The Elephant Roof Seal Kit makes installation easy and enables you to run all the electrics and piping through the one hole!

Why choose Elephant?

  • Easy to install
  • Eliminates the use of multiple dektites
  • Top quality materials
  • Epdm rubber
  • Weather/Water proof
  • High temperature range
  • BAL approved
  • VBA approved
  • UV resistant
The ultimate all in 1 kit!

  • Suitable for a 45° roof pitch

BAL - Bushfre Attack Level

  • Black Silicon - Rating 12.5
  • Red Silicon - Rating 29.0 Not stocked but available upon request

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