Air Network Terminals
Are ideal for splitting air fows. They have much lower pressure drops than conventional plastic or sheet metal fttings resulting in better airfow throughout the system.
Air Network Terminals
Are constructed with Duct Board a pre-insulated aluminium / polyurethane sandwich panel comprising an expanded polyurethane rigid foam board, faced with 80microns of aluminium foil on both sides. Duct Board has been used in ofce buildings, apartments, industrial warehouses, hospitals, hotels, shopping centres and government buildings in Australia and across the globe.
Air Network Terminals
Are rated at R1.5 and all joints and outlets are sealed with foam gaskets and silicon ensuring no leakage, heat gain or condensation. This all adds up to greater system energy efciency, lower running costs and improved comfort.

The advantages of Air Network Terminals over traditional sheet metal are:

  • Excellent termal insulation and vapour proofng
  • Lower manufactured cost
  • Lower installation cost
  • Faster installation
  • Light weight
  • Up to 80% less air leakage
  • 30% less embodied energy
  • Better sound proofng and anti-vibration-damping efect
  • Standard Height 400mm
  • Outlet sizes range from 200 to 550mm diameter
  • Clip-on motorised outlets are available in sizes from 200 to 450mm diameter
  • Flame Retardant – Class 0
  • Working Temp. – 60oC to +80oC
  • Max Pressure – 2000 Pa
  • Green Rating – Non CFC and 0 ODP

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