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Introducing the New Haier Split Systems to AAD

Haier’s High Wall Air Conditioners are designed with smart features that create comfort quickly, as soon as you enter the room – or can even begin heating or cooling when you’re not home using the built in WIFI connectivity function.

As a your local Haier wholesaler, we also carry a complete line of equipment and accessories from the Haier brand at our competitive Haier trade prices.

Haier Air Conditioning Unit Images
Haier Air Conditioning Unit Images
Haier Air Conditioning Unit Images
Haier Air Conditioning Unit Images
Haier Air Conditioning Unit Images

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Built In Wifi & Smart Controls

Built In Wifi & Smart Controls

Controlled From Anywhere...

Set the ideal temperature at home from anywhere, at any time, with the built in WIFI connectivity and your app.

You can also communicate with your Haier air conditioner through all major smart speaker products, such as the Google Home Wireless Hub, giving you full control of your home environment.

Intelligent Air Flow

For maximum efficiency and comfort all year round

The system is engineered to intuitively direct air flow all year round. To cool down, the air is directed upwards for maximum effect. And when it’s time to heat, the warm air is directed downwards from where it will rise to make the whole room toasty.

Intelligent Air Flow
Self Cleaning Function

Self Cleaning Function

Fresh air, every day...

Haier air conditioners automatically activate their Self Clean Function when needed, ensuring every breath you take is free of dust and bacteria.

The technology works by freezing moist air in the evaporator, trapping any dirt. When the frost melts, it takes the dirt with it, leaving you to enjoy clean air.

Sleep Mode

For a restful night sleep

Specially designed program to overcome being too hot or too cold at night, to ensure the utmost comfort during your good nights sleep.

Set your Haier air conditioner to either heat or cool, and it will consistently raise, lower or maintain the temperature during the night to keep the room at the ideal temperature.

Sleep Mode

Wifi Features

  • Integrated with Google Assistant
  • Voice Control - Intuitive, hands-free control
  • SmartHq app on Android™ or iOS
  • Customised operations

Comfort Features

  • Dry Mode
  • Intelligent Air Flow
  • Healthy air / Self-Clean Function
  • Sleep Mode

Self Cleaning Benefits

  • Cold Expansion Technology
  • Faster cleaning
  • Anti-bacterial action
  • Cleaner air
  • Better energy efficiency
  • Save on maintenance

Performance Features

  • A-PAM DC Inverter Control
  • Minimum Energy Performance Standards
  • Blue Fin Heat Exchanger

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