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Being a values driven business, AAD is a new generation of wholesaling. We are completely focused on supporting the needs of trades-people servicing the commercial & residential HVAC industry.

We stock a complete range of equipment from refrigerated & evaporative air conditioning units and gas ducted heaters, to components such as duct, fittings, grilles, spare parts and accessories.

With over 100 years of combined experience in design, application and installation, you’ll find everything you need for your next project right here.


Flexible Duct

Vortex Duct Complies with Australian Standard AS 4254.1

R1.0 Is now the minimum standard R-Value for domestic roof or under floor installations

• Gas Ducted

• Add-On Cooling or Reverse Cycle

• Evaporative Cooling

R1.5 Is required in many combined heating and cooling installations including those installed in alpine regions (Climate Zone 8)

• Absence of sarking directly beneath the roofing

• Underfloor space is not enclosed by brickwork or cladding

R0.6 can still be used within the insulated building envelope - within the floor trusses or posy-struts between floors in a multi-storey dwelling, or within internal service risers. Ductwork insulation is defined by the “insulation blanket R-value”

Flexible Duct
ABS Grilles

ABS Grilles

Our expanded range of ABS Grills, now available in Matt or Gloss

MDO’s Jet Diffusers Return Air’s

• A full range of Grilles available in Gloss or Matt.

Whether you’re installing an evaporative cooler or a gas ducted system, we’ve got matching grilles for the whole job in matt or gloss finishes...

• Matching finishes to complete the look.

• We’ve got MDO’s, Jet Diffusers and Return Air’s

• Give your customer a consistent look and feel

• MDO, Jet Diffusers, Return Air’s - the full range.

• Contemporary Style

• Modern Appearance

• Perfect Fit

• Ergonomic Design.


airloc smartfit Y's

A modern take on plastic Y’s

– use and install what you need. Only one combo model requires cutting down

- no waste, better for the environment, time saver.

Make last minute changes on the job…

Depending on your job needs airloc® smartfit Y’s can be supplied with or without adaptors


- with some fittings allowing up to 7 size combinations from the one part number.

Tailor Y’s on the go by reassigning or removing adaptors or cutting a combo.

airloc® smartfit Y’s makes installations in tight spaces easier!!

All airloc® smartfit Y’s are easy to unassemble to allow for ease of access through man holes or tight spaces and can be re-assembled in the roof cavity.